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Careers Guidance

National Careers Service

The National Careers Service offers information and professional advice about education, training and work to adults and young people aged 13 years and over.

Pupils and their parents can access support via a website, helpline and web chat (www.nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk, or National Contact Centre 0800 100 900).


A further range of digital resources that can help pupils self-assess their skills and research career options can be found at plotr.co.uk.

This can help to inspire and inform young people about the career and training pathways available to them. Created with input from teachers, young people and employers, it promotes inspiration, exploration and discovery of the world of work, and allows teachers and schools to connect with local and national employers. Teachers and students can access expert careers advice, knowledge and information from one single digital platform.

16 to 19 financial support

This advice provides information for institutions about the financial support young people may be able to access to help them participate in education and training.

It covers a number of schemes, often described as ‘student support’ schemes:

The 16 to 19 Bursary Fund:
pays a bursary of up to £1,200 a year to support young people in one of the defined vulnerable groups (those who do not have access to parental support and those receiving certain benefits in their own right) in participating in education. It also enables institutions to make discretionary awards to those young people they assess as facing the greatest financial barriers to participation.

Care to Learn:
support with the costs of childcare to ensure that young people who are parents are not prevented from participating in education because of these costs.

Residential Bursary Fund:
allocations to specialist institutions to help them contribute to the costs of accommodation for students they assess as facing financial barriers to accessing their specialist provision.

Residential Support Scheme:
income-assessed support with the costs of accommodation for students who need to move away from home to participate because their study programme is not available locally to their home address.

Dance and Drama Awards:
scholarships offering income-assessed support for tuition fees and living costs at a small number of private dance and drama colleges in England. This award ensures that income is not a barrier to the most talented young people accessing this specialist provision.